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-26 May 2007: The listing has finally reached 25 members..
-30 September 2005: Was approved on 09/05/05 by TFL.org to run the fanlisting for the entire Icewind Dale series (had taken this fanlisting over on 05/02/05, but the old owner did not appear to submit the update info so it was removed from the listing and I had to re-apply). The fanlisting is now fully listed at TFL.org. Also added two new affiliates: Neverwinter Nights and King's Quest VI.
-07 September 2005: Added one new affiliate: SpellForce.
-23 May 2005: The fanlisting is back online after a couple of weeks of not being around due to technical issues. Also tried to fix up any wording on the site that would proclaim it as being official to the game and its producers. This site, after all, is only a fan run site.
-02 May 2005: New owner for fanlisting and new location: http://icewind.red-masque.com.
-29 march 2004: 1 new member
-23 october 2003: Thefanlistings.org has approved "Frozen Tales" (thanks!! ^^)


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-Icewind Dale:
Is a classic, wonderful computer role-playing game created by Black Isle Studios (Baldur's Gate, Planescape: TORMENT, etc), with Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.
The series is made up of Icewind Dale, the expansion pack Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, and Icewind Dale II.
Icewind Dale is a trilogy story lived in the frigid north of the fantasy world call "Forgotten Realms"

This fanlisting is now owned by Meana. It was originally created by Falce, an Italian girl passionate of RPGs and some others videogames. She asks excuse for bad english language.

The rules are quite simple actually.
  1. You must be a fan of the Icewind Dale computer game series.
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  6. If you provided your website information, please include with your "comment" the location of the code.
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